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Joe - BOB Halter & Lead
KitKat Shire - CA Draft Rope Halter

Camille - BOB Arab Foal
Cheyanne - BOB Halter

Honey - CA Halter & Lead
Lola Draft Cross - CA Halter

Solo - XLS Halter
Trip - Tuff Tack Halter

Dani & Gracey - CA Pony & Lead
Tess - CA Halter Tuff Tack

Ponying - CA Halters and Leads
Cuervo Black - Tuff Tack NB Foal Halter and Mom

Nickel - Tuff Tack Pony Halter & Lead
Dakota - Indian Reiner Headstall Tuff Tack

Fudge - Tuff Tack Weanling Halter
Pocket - Tuff Tack Weanling Halter

Prince - Tuff Tack Halter & Lead
Sissy - Tuff Tack Halter & Lead

Autumn - Tuff Tack Halter & Lead
Tori - Tuff Tack Arab Halter with Bling

Tess - EVR Halter & Lead
StylinWithClass - EVR Halter & Lead

Unknown - Tuff Tack Arab Halter
Shay - Tuff Tack Arab Halter

Cinderella - EVR Mini Rope Halter
Tiemen & Debbi - EVR Large Adult Rope Halter


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