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Please specify what color(s) you would like when ordering.

Choose tack that have been designed and tested by horseman specifically with your horse in mind.

Our double braided polyester rope has been designed to make horse tack from, not all marine ropes work well for the equine world.

Don't mistake the price for quality, since I buy directly from a mill here in the United States, there is no middle man, therefore I can offer my tack at a cheaper price for exceptional quality.

Double Braided Polyester ropes are;

* firm or soft and durable unlike cheap halter cords and webbing, Polyester will not harden or powder with age. It is unaffected by water, will not rot, mold or mildew and is resistant to most acids and oils.

Cheap polypropylene halter cords and webbing have a much lower breaking strain (about 30% less) and lose another 30% per year through age. Polyester ropes lose only 3% per year making ropes that can be relied on not to break.

Knots tied in polyester will hold tight, but can always be undone should adjustment be required.

* fully washable when it gets dirty just throw it into the washing machine to look good as new. Polyester can be washed with normal household detergents in warm water.

* color fast will have only minor fading over the long life of the rope.

* low abrasion polyester produces less friction so that means a greatly reduced chance of rope burn and less abrasion on your horse’s skin. Combined with a comfortable weight in the hand our Double Braid rope is perfect for all natural horsemanship techniques.

* 100% polyester that will be kind and strong, last many years. Polyester is the material that most marine ropes are made from and is used on the outside jacket of climbing ropes to protect them from abrasion. Even high-tech exotic ropes like spectra use polyester to protect them from wear and UV light.

Handcrafted Jewels Rope Horse Tack has been personally using and hand making tack here in the USA with PRIDE since 2002.

We know what excellent quality rope is and are excited about working with a mill to produce rope made for the equine industry.

We are excited that we can still carry our complete color line since switching to the new mill.

Here are the reasons to purchase your horse tack here.

1. With us you get the best quality at the best value!

2. All rope and tack is Handmade and Handcrafted in America!

3. If you can find the same quality at a better deal we will match it!


Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, White, Grey, Brown, Tan, Burgundy, Orange, Neon Green, Navy

Bk/Pink, Bk/Yellow, Bk/Red, Bk/Purple, Bk/Blue, Bk/Grey, Bk/Neon Green, Bk/Orange

W/Brown (NO 1/4" soft, or 1/2"), W/Grey, W/Burgundy, W/Tan, W/Purple, W/Green, W/Red, W/Black, W/Blue, W/Pink, Burgundy/White

When the white flecked colors are gone I will be replacing them with solid with white.

Red/White/Blue, Burgundy/Grey (NO 1/4"), Brown/Tan (NO 1/2"), Blue/Pink, Green/Tan, Purple/Pink, Purple/Yellow, Brown/Yellow, Red/Grey, Purple/Grey, Pink/Grey

5/8" Spun Poly - WHITE ONLY

Looks and Feels like COTTON with the weight of a Double Braid Rope

Our Pick for Reins and Mecate's

3/16" Double Braid Rope - Black Only

3/8" Double Braid Rope - Black Only

7/16" Double Braid Rope - Black Only

9/16" Double Braid Rope - Black Only

5/8" Double Braid Rope - Black Only

I have this rope special made at the mill, I think it is a far more superior rope then the Samson stiff halter cord.

3/16" Stiff Halter Cord

Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Tan, Burgundy, Brown

Our pick for halters with extra nose knots.

1/4" Stiff Halter Cord

Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Tan, Burgundy, Brown, Kelly Green, Navy Blue

I am discontinuing all Samson rope, when it is gone it is gone!!!

The Strongest Name In Rope

Samson XLS (Marine Rope)

Samson Halter Cord

The 1/4" Rope is made from a firm Double Braided Polyester Rope with high strength, low stretch, and excellent resistance to wear. It is slick, flexible, and has a nice sheen finish.


XLS - Blue, Green with Tracers

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